Installing apk on ios may or not ,A lot of you sent me this question, the question has a default answer, but I will explain to some of you do not know can understand
First we will see the definition of two files is what do we’s start


APK abbreviated from the English phrase “Android application package” means that the installed applications on the Android operating system. APK file is actually a ZIP compressed file-based format using the extension JAR is * .apk. Simply understand the APK file is the file installer application software for equipment Android.Va here is an open source, you can act on it with your own tips

Installing apk on ios may or not
Installing apk on ios may or not

Android and the use ?

Android is considered one of the devices for ordinary users, because the manufacturing technology is easy, in addition it is not sophisticated and complex device ios, that’s why the world has a lot of users android device. Overall androi with the number of people using very large and common, in addition to android longer for you to customize your phone into a super different products is one of the strengths of Android devices

iOS – Apple is what? 

IOS sure you’ve heard Nghieu about it, this is a special equipment to produce apple own, often very expensive price and if you use unfamiliar sure you have a lot of nuisance

Installing apk on ios may or not
Installing apk on ios may or not

– IOS have some weaknesses as follows: how many users are not overcrowded, the application uses for iOS devices are limited in type as well as its features, you can not install applications outside Android devices, the backup set of data you must also need specialized software of ios to conduct copying, summed it has not expanded
– iOS opposite holds plus point, is the security of it is very high, and very difficult to hack that’s why you can rest assured when using ios devices

back to questions from all of you 

can install APK files on your iOS device or not? would say that it is not all of you. Why sir, because the two operating systems and programming languages are two completely different, that’s why we can not install apps from this device to other devices

But if you want android gaming on ios devices you can still please? 
How to play the following 
You need a laptop-pc mac-you progress hanh emulator installation mobile android device on the mac and now you can visit pha androi game on ios devices


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